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Results of Feed & Weed Lawn Treatment

Feed & Weed

Entrust your lawn to us, allowing us to Feed & Weed it, will ensure it will be both weed free and beautifully green.  Lawn Wizard is the leading independent provider of lawn care in the King’s Lynn area.  It’s our reputation for providing a service that is second to none that keeps the work rolling in by way of personal recommendations.

You can commence using our services at any point during the year.  Just because you have missed the start of the growing season doesn’t mean having to wait any longer.  The fact is, the quicker you start using our services the sooner your lawn will look great.

So this is what we can do but it all depends on the condition of your lawn at the outset.

    • Feeding – all lawns need feeding and we do this with specially prepared fertiliser granules which are spread with our walk behind machines to ensure a good even spread of granules.  These are not the granules you buy in the shops. They are specially formulated for commercial operators such as ourselves.  They have a special coating that ensures a slow release of fertiliser to the lawn and they are perfectly safe for both children and pets.
    • Weeding – The weed control liquid is sprayed from a backpack and we ensure a good treatment every time.  We take special care to ensure no over spray onto valued plants.  Once dried, it takes very little time to do so, it’s again perfectly safe for children and pets.
      • Moss Control – Moss loves damp humid conditions so just how much moss you have will depend on whether it was sprayed prior to the close of last year as well as just how ‘kind’ to it the weather has been over the winter months.  But, a good spray and you’ll see the results within 24 hours.


        Since the reclassification of Moss as a plant, products for the treatment of Moss now come under The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. This means that only products that have HSE accreditation can legally be used for the control of Moss. To avoid breaking the law, contractors and private users must ensure that the product being used is appropriately approved.  

  • Lawn Feed Assistance. After we have applied a lawn feed during the warm spring months we will leave you with a water sprinkler and hose pipe to allow you to water the lawn.  The regular watering will assist the lawn and help to activate the lawn feed. The items will be loaned to you for a month then we will come by and collect them.
    No other local company will offer you this additional help.

And so, with our Feed & Weed programme you can be assured of a great looking lawn.

Depending on the condition of your lawn it may need scarifying and / or aerating but see more information on that page.

Before & After Feed & Weed

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