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Mole Hills in a Lawn

Mole Control

Fed up with the mess that moles are making of your lawn, Lawn Wizard are the leading Mole Catchers in your area.  We are experts in this field and no-one will do a better job of Catching and Trapping them than us.  We will get to work immediately and this troublesome creature will be removed.

Mole Trapping is not an easy job for the amateur.  Behind the scenes we know where they hide and it’s not where you see the mole hill.  That’s just the place where they come up for air occasionally.  Very often that hill will not be used by them again so knowing where their ‘bedroom’ is located is the reason you need us.  There is no easy way to explain the ‘bedroom’ location until we visit your garden and then we will be able to see the surrounding area, where the hedges and fences are located and that’s when our detective work begins.

It would be very easy to give you lots of background on the “common” garden mole.  Where it originated from, what it eats, how good its eyesight is and many other details as well but you can find all of that information and lots more right here on Wikipedia.

If however you are more interested in how you can rid yourself of the mole(s) that are currently digging tunnels under the surface of your lawn then you are in the right place and we can definitely help.  We are expert Mole Catchers and Trappers.

Humane Control

Here at Lawn Wizard we use only traps and the creatures are removed from your land.  We do not attempt to gas them or electrocute them nor do we use any other method that would be considered unacceptable to any fair minded person.

How Much

Just call us and we’ll come along and give you a firm quote for removing the mole(s).  So confident are we that our efforts will be successful that we offer our services free if we are unable to catch the culprits – in other words, No Mole – No Fee!

Why do it Now?

Well if you have a mole, the first thing you will probably notice is a mole hill.  But that will quickly become two, then three and so on.  Each one will have a tunnel leading to and from it and before long your carefully treasured lawn will have a whole network of tunnelling just beneath the surface which will completely ruin the structure of your lawn.

Don't let him ruin your Lawn!

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Moles can do extensive damage to your lawn – wait no longer!  We can remove these pests from your garden very quickly indeed.  Telephone now on

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