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Lawn Pests

Lawn pests can come in many different shapes and sizes and some pests cannot be eradicated simply with insecticides however good care by way of scarifying, aerating and not cutting the grass too short can often be enough to remove the more persistent bugs.

13357055 - cockchafer larva isolated on white background

CHAFER GRUBS live beneath the lawn having been laid by the chafer beetle. Here they literally eat the roots of the grass which eventually dies. This means it is possible to grab a handful of dying grass and pulling it toward you keeping your hand close to the ground you will find the ‘turf’ just peels back. With little root left there is nothing there to hold the grasses in place. If you see blackbirds and others damaging your lawn with their pecking, it’s a good chance they are searching for Chafer Grubs among others.

40255302 - this image shows a daddy longlegs (also known as a harvestman, crane fly or cellar spider)

CRANE FLY. Also known as Daddy Long Legs, the Crane Fly lays its lava on the lawn where they quickly hatch and bury themselves beneath the surface of the grass. They too are much loved by birds who can themselves then do a lot of damage to the lawn.


Fungus comes in many different forms. Fairy rings, toadstools, red thread and others all form when the ground conditions are such that it supports their growth but that does not mean that it cannot be dealt with and improvements made to resolve the problem.

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If your lawn is not looking right then it clearly needs attention.  While it’s never too late, like any disease it’s far better to catch it early when it can be far more easily remedied.

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