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Scarification of Lawn

Scarifying & Aeration

The image shown above is an example of the thatch or dead grass matter that is being removed from this lawn with scarification.  This dead grass sits between your green grass and the soil thereby preventing water and other nutrients from getting easily to the roots.  Water can just sit on the surface and in the summer simply evaporate before it gets absorbed.

There are two processes which can be utilised to relieve the dead thatch problem.


The first step in the process is scarification of your lawn.  This is done mechanically with a machine that literally pulls the dead thatch away from the ground.  We do a twin process – in other words we go not only length ways but we then go again width ways.  This ensures a really thorough job.  Don’t expect the result to look pretty though as it will take a while for the grass to recover but it will do so just as soon as it starts growing and the results will look be far improved.

We generally carry this out early spring or late autumn.


This would normally follow on after scarifying.  We use a mechanical process which drives spikes into the ground leaving behind myriads of holes in the lawn into which air, rain, fertilisers and other nutrients can enter.  This gets all the goodness direct to the roots which will benefit greatly by becoming stronger and resulting in much bushier grass.

Aeration & Scarification

Water sits on the surface leaving the roots to be dry.  Root growth is weak and the grass will have brown patches

Once the ground is spiked using our solid tines the ground is opened up for water and fertilisers to reach the root structure.  The soil all aound the roots becomes wetter and the grasses are fed much more evenly

Now the root structure can receive all the goodness from the fertiliser and from the rain ensuring the root structure improves and with it the grasses become greener, thicker and generally far more lush.

We Can Make A Difference

We really can improve your lawn in a way to make it the envy of your neighbours.  Call us today for a free quote.  We will make it green and rid it of weeds – all you do is add the stripes!

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