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Tennis Court Maintenance - Lawn Wizard
Tennis Court Maintenance - Lawn Wizard

Tennis Court Cleaning in Norfolk

Tennis Court Cleaning is an important part of necessary maintenance.

Tarmac and synthetic grass courts will over the winter months attract moss growth and algae build up.  This means the court will become slippery and very unsafe to play on.

Hard Courts

A professional treatment of the moss and algae on your hard surface tennis court is essential.  While surface cleaning will extend the life of the tennis court surface it’s also essential to kill the moss spores in the first place.  Using a pressure washer alone will merely spread the spores to other places and the problem will continue.

Grass Courts

Grass tennis courts need attention to deal with any weed and moss growth.  We are specialists in this field.  We feed the grass surface to make the grass strong and resilient to the punishment from the many myriads of foot imprints it will receive during the grass tennis playing season.

The ideal maintenance plan starts in early spring.  As the temperature starts to increase, we treat the moss with a total moss killer, scarify the surface to remove the dead moss, spike the surface and apply a spring lawn grass feed then water in regularly.

Mid-summer we apply a summer lawn grass tennis court feed and spot spray any new weed growth.

In autumn, we apply a winter feed.

This plan will provide the very best lawn grass tennis court surface available.


Spiking of the grass on a regular basis will also help the health of the grass surface allowing trapped gasses to escape from the soil and allowing feed and water to penetrate down to the root growth areas.

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All that is required from you is to cut the grass, making nice looking lawn stripes and then find an opponent who you can beat at tennis!

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