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I really was quite amazed at just how quickly the dandelions, daisies and other weeds disappeared.  The men who did the job clearly knew what they were doing and already after only two treatments the grass is a whole lot better.

Sutton Bridge

Just to say thanks for the work you’ve done on my lawn over this past season.  It really is much greener and the weeds as well as the moss have gone completely.  It’s looking more like the greens on my golf course now rather than the unkempt field it looked like before.  Thanks again.

King’s Lynn

At the end of last season you will recall scarifying my lawn. At the time it seemed to make quite a mess and the amount of dead grass removed was amazing but this year the improvement is really noticeable. I thought at the time I’d wasted my money but it really was worth it after all.

Mrs J.S.